About Me

About MeSheldon Nylander was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and it looks like he’s probably never going to leave. Despite growing up and living in an area with such a reputation, he hates driving, doesn’t care about being in “the business,” and is anything but a vegetarian. Seriously, where do these stereotypes of Los Angeles residents come from?

Sheldon has been writing since grade school, although things went off and on for a little while there. Despite that, he never lost his passion for the written word, and often enjoys playing little word games, using puns, or just long words in general, solely so that he can break people’s brains for his own amusement.

When not writing, he’s usually reading. When not reading or writing, he likes to walk around town, drink enough caffeine to kill a bull elephant, and work on the perfect Fat Elvis impersonation.

His wife hates his author picture.

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